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Ergonomic Tips for a Home Office

You might want to keep a plant or two in your workspace as an added touch that can improve your well-being. Research has shown that having plants in an office can increase your productivity and make you happier while you work. Having a dedicated space to shut out distractions and minimise household noise is ideal for a productive working environment. Online interior design firm, My Bespoke Room reported that in 2020 the number of home offices they designed went up by 70% compared to 2019. They also saw that investment in home offices increased by 45% in the same period as well as a huge number of requests to add in-home office zones within other rooms like kitchens and bedrooms. Head over to My Bespoke Room to read about the best colour schemes for a home office. While poor lighting in your office won’t cause blindness, it will cause you to strain your eyes.

How can I make my home office smarter?

  1. Block out background sounds with noise cancelling headphones.
  2. Illuminate your work space with smart bulbs.
  3. Digitize your notes with a smart pen.
  4. Cool down or warm up with a Wi-Fi thermostat.
  5. Keep your coffee hot with a smart mug.

Or, if you simply don’t have the space elsewhere, a spare bedroom or corner of a bedroom or living space can do the trick nicely, if well planned. Have a look through these small home office ideas for more inspiration. When your workspace is free of clutter, your mind can think clearly. The first step in clearing your office of clutter is to simply rid yourself of items that you don’t need.

Paint the walls a neutral color.

It’s easy to fall out of healthy habits including drinking enough water. Make your own infusions, keep water cold, buy your favourite seltzers, and keep a water bottle handy. Use a big bottle with litre marks to help you keep track of where you’re at, or upgrade to a bigger bottle to keep your thirst quenched. It is really easy to get caught up in household chores or errands when you’re not separating work from home. Keep this mentality in mind during your breaks and lunch hour. Just because nobody will see you from the waist down doesn’t mean you should forgo pants . Try to set the tone by dressing for the office or at least putting on some leggings with your cardigan.

  • Bending the wrists for prolonged periods is an easy way to cause injury.
  • Setting up your home office in a place with natural daylight is a great way to help you feel more active and energized.
  • Soften harsh light with a lampshade to set the mood and, if space is at a premium, pendant lighting is a good way to illuminate a room without cluttering it.
  • Easily Deal with Favoritism at Work Are you working with a team of people and feeling left out?
  • I thought I’d put together a few ideas and tips for how to set a home office environment that doesn’t jeopardise your wellbeing (and sanity!).
  • Pad it with a seat cushion and place a rolled-up towel behind your lower back.
  • For example, I might set aside a green apple and a couple of tablespoons of nut butter, or a handful of almonds and dried apricots.

Another study found that 40% of workplaces with natural light experience 3%-40% improvements in productivity. The first rule of building a comfortable office is to get plenty of natural light.

Have bright, natural lighting.

Working for a fixed period of time every day helps give your day routine and structure. You automatically shift into “work mode” when you’re within your “office hours”. While working from home gives you the freedom to work anytime you want, you’ll still want to maintain home office tips regular office hours if you want to maximize productivity. Minimize the damage sitting for long hours causes to your body by following ergonomic rules. Set up your home workspace in such a way that your back and neck are straight and your arms are parallel to the floor.

Top up your smartphone with a dual-purpose desk lamp that allows wireless charging. The green buildings use low emitting materials and increase outdoor air, which result in reduced VOC and CO2 exposures. If painting your entire office green doesn’t please you, you can still reap the benefits by painting an accent wall green. Plants and other accessories are also excellent additions for introducing green into your home office. For everything it has to offer, ECWID is incredibly easy to set up. I did a lot of research and tried about 3 other competitors. This ensures that your circadian rhythm doesn’t get disrupted and your eyes adjust better to the change in daylight over time.

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